About Us

‘My Choice’ is a successful beauty salon business where two great experiences come together.

In 2013, it was inevitable that the success story started as a result of the intersection of the path of the woman entrepreneur Hülya Külekçi, who believed that this sector would be a very valuable and preferred business, with Esthetician Expert Müjde Kiani and our brand was born from this partnership.

Hülya Külekçi, who said that customer satisfaction sheds light on establishing this brand, stated that they will open new branches and work harder to reach more masses.

We have never lost and will never lose our excitement to share our experiences with our customers.

Hülya Külekçi, who also touches on her cooperation with Müjde Kiani, has always felt very lucky to have a business partner like her.She is very professional in her job and I am honored to work and be with him on this path. I always thank him, she said.

Müjde Kiani, one of the partners of “My Choice”, has been in this sector since 2003.My starting story started with my hands, she says.

At a very young age, she was making up herself and nobody could believe the result. I realized that I was doing incredible work. At the age of 17, I did my first professional bridal makeup. Then, tweezers in one hand and a mirror in one hand were as if everything inspired me to do things in the name of beauty. The reason for my makeup success comes from here. My experience is about 17 years, I’m still in love with innovation and further learning.
I had become a preferred name in Iran’s leading beauty salons. The satisfaction of my customers has made me even more passionate about this business. I decided to live in Istanbul. Elsewhere, I wanted to touch other people’s beauty.

Without any fear I was sure success would chase me down this road.And in 2013 our paths crossed with Hülya Külekçi. She’s a good business manager and I was a good expert. I always say that I admire her manager work. Of course, later on, I learned business administration from her, and she learned aesthetics from me at a professional level. We add a lot to each other’s lives. She says, I couldn’t pass without mentioning my dear business partner.

Time was passing, the satisfaction of our customers was constantly pushing us forward. When we realized that we were more preferred every day, we decided to go on a new road, believing in this power behind us. Our customers have inspired us the most. We even said ‘My Choice’ without any difficulty while creating our brand name. Because we were the preferred ones now. This was the sentence that best described us.We will always be in this sector and I would like to state that we will work harder to reach all the hidden beauties.We keep ourselves open to innovations and follow everything in the name of beauty.
We thank us and all our customers who helped us build this brand and inspired us.

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